The birth of Arlett whisky

The Tessendier family has excelled with seriousness and passion in the art of distillation for generations. Their latest project, straight from their copper pipes, is this whisky with vintage emphasis, a tribute to the 50s and to Jérôme and Lilian’s whisky-loving mother.

Arlett French whisky sprouted from the bowels of the Earth, then underwent the ordeal of heat and double distillation in the Charente region, before being tirelessly refined by Jérôme and Lilian Tessendier, two brothers who are the guarantors of quality and taste.

Jérôme Tessendier : “It’s not a whisky we’ve produced, it’s OUR whisky. Arlett is the culmination of teamwork, with every link contributing to its DNA. It’s the combined know-how and choices of the brewer, distiller and cellar master, at every stage of its development, that has forged the identity of this French spirit.” whisky.

The Barley

With Arlett Whisky Français, every detail counts. The barley used is a two-row spring variety. It is meticulously selected from plots in northern France, meeting rigorous production traceability standards.

The Brewery

“It’s in Jarnac that the malt is brewed, working on two temperature levels to get optimum extraction. Thanks to their expertise, our brewers have refined and sublimated the Distillerie Tessendier brewing method. Throughout the fermentation process, the brewer carries out regular checks and, by mobilizing all his know-how, ensures the production of a high-quality “green” beer that will influence the aromatic palette of the future whisky. This distillation beer, also known as “wash”, has a strength of around 9% vol. and is then distilled to obtain a high-quality malt spirit.”

The Distillery

Our malt spirits are double-distilled in our traditional copper stills. The long copper coil ensures prolonged contact and progressive condensation, resulting in a fine, elegant distillate.

The cellar

The Platane, Tiffon and Moreau cellars, close to the banks of the Charente river, offer relatively humid conditions, bringing roundness to the eaux-de-vie. On the other hand, the region’s hot summer temperatures bring out the spicy notes. Aging in our oak casks gives the whisky a distinctive personality and magnificent hues.

The blending

“Once our eaux-de-vie have reached an optimal level of maturation, the delicate art of blending begins. The Arlett French Whisky collection is born from the fusion of eaux-de-vie from the various casks in our cellars. The Cellar Master meticulously selects the different casks and tastes each batch to create the blend that will bring up ARLETT whisky to life. Once this stage is complete, we proceed to proofing, a process designed to progressively lower the alcoholic strength of the blend, until the distinctive aromas of each whisky in the Arlett range are fully revealed. ”


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